How Do You Rock That Bandana?

I love the look of a bandana but I always found it IMPOSSIBLE to stay in place. It kept sliding off and it really just took forever to get the look right.  Bobby pins all up in there lookin' like a big ol' mess.  That is what prompted me to design this headband.  I have taken your favorite paisley bandana print and nicely wrapped it around a SUPER comfortable and flexible headband form.

I constantly get emails from my loyal customers asking me how to wear the SD Bandana Tie Headband.  People that range from teenagers to adults... to adults buying for their children.   They all want to know.. How do you were your headband?  My answer is simply...The possibilities are ENDLESS.    Some people have long hair,  mid-length hair or even super short hair styles.  Curly hair or straight hair.   If you are a bandana lover feel free to share how you ROCK your bandana. 

 Here are a few pictures for inspiration on how to ROCK your bandana headband....

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