Jump On The Scrunchie Bandwagon...

scrunch·ie    ˈskrən(t)SHē/  noun-  a circular band of fabric-covered elastic used for fastening the hair.

I'm not sure if you have been amongst the living lately but apparently SCRUNCHIEs' are back in a BIG way.    The craze that started in my younger years has made a come back.  I'm not sure how STOKED I am on them but I've been seeing anyone from younger girls to older gals sporting these scrunched up pieces of fabric or faux fur hair ties in their hair.   

Let's talk OPTIONS!   Here are 5 Ways to wear that SCRUNCHIE like a champ!

#1. Bun or Top Knot -  You can throw your hair up in a MASSIVE messy bun on either the TOP or BOTTOM of your head or pull together a SLEEK bun and add a velvet scrunchie to give it something a little extra.

#2. Ponytail -   How many ways to wear a ponytail.  A MILLION...  so just add one to your low pony,  high pony, side pony or your pet pony (Just Kidding). 

#3.  Braids - Add a scrunchie to any type of braid you can think of... from a FRENCH braid to a FISHTAIL braid.  The sky is the limit.

#4  Half Way Up -  You might typically use a clip or barrette for that half- up , half - down styled hair.  Try a faux fur scrunchies or a pretty silk scrunchie.  

#5 Wrist SCRUNCHIE-  Wear it on your wrist and add some bangles or elastic bracelets.  When you have a hair emergency you'll have it ready to get that hair outta the way.  Also, if you have a pretty print it will compliment your outfit.  

Lots of choices ...so have at it DARLINGS!!  Check out my Pinterest board for a TON more inspiration.   If you like to be CRAFTY and dust off your sewing machine... check out Treasurie YouTube Channel.  There is a super easy video tutorial.  I made a few for myself and my little darling.


Here are some pics below for inspiration.  CLICK to purchase one for yourself or a friend.

Check out these options below...